DDOS Protection Solution

As applications move to the cloud, their security needs to move with them. Our security services operate at the edge of the network, making it possible to identify and mitigate threats faster than on-premise solutions.

DDoS Protection

Our enterprise-class DDoS protection network has 20 times more capacity than the largest DDoS attack ever recorded. Operating at the network edge, it protects against all forms of DDoS attacks.


Our web application firewall benefits from the collective intelligence of our entire network. When we identify a new threat from one website, we can automatically block it from the other 5.5 million websites on our network.


HTTPS is a must-have for modern websites, and we makes it easy to configure SSL. No need to worry about installation issues, expiring certificates, or optimizing your SSL settings.

Secure Registrar

Registering your domain through QS Sales & Services is the most secure way to protect your trademark from domain hijacking.

Dedicated SSL Certificates

With a few clicks within the Direct Admin, you can easily and quickly issue new certificates, securely generate private keys and more. Dedicated SSL Certificates are available for purchase on our order portal.

Rate Limting

Rate Limiting gives you granular controls to detect bad traffic, customized rulesets to ensure that your legitimate visitors are not impacted, and insights to improve your security posture as attacks evolve.