Server Co-Location Service

Co-location offers a reliable infrastructure, fast connectivity and 24×7 network monitoring. Collocating your operations in DATA CENTER, you take advantage of the industry’s most advanced power, security, network and fire suppression technologies. Our state-of-the-art data centers are built to ensure efficient, reliable and continuous operations – even in the event of severe natural or man-made catastrophes. The data center facilities feature a variety of co-location options. Whether you require only co-location or a fully managed hosting solution, you can choose from community or private cages in a preset or a custom configuration to meet your specific needs.

What is Server Co-Location

Server co-location is provided by a web hosting company which will provide you with rack space, electricity, IP addresses and internet connectivity for your servers in data center.

What are the benefits of Server Co-location?

Better Power Redundancy

  • Data Center comes with redundant power feeds. In the case of a power failure at the main supply, the power system will automatically switch to the backup power supply. There is also a power generator system which will prevent the loss of power in the event both power feeds are lost.

Redundant and Improved Cooling / AC Environment Conditioning

  • Many office environments have AC systems that can handle a set amount of cooling for the environment and are set to run during business hours. When you introduce a large amount of servers or network gear, the power used is converted to heat that must be cooled down. Office AC systems just aren’t made to handle the additional cooling required for a large number of servers and network gear used for Internet applications. In addition to this, should the AC system at an office fail, or just need to be turned off for routine maintenance, the heat would rise. Hot computer equipment is prone to fail and has a much shorter life span.
  • This Data Center or server farm is set up with redundant AC systems. Should an AC system have to be taken offline for repairs or standard maintenance there is another system already working in place to keep the facility cool and at the best environment for computers and other network routers and gear.

Network and Server Specialists

  • At the best co-location facilities, the facility has the best Network and Server Specialists who helps monitoring your servers on 24/7 basis. These groups of well trained support teams are there to assist you so that you save your cost in hiring your own engineers to monitor on your servers on 24/7 basis

Terms and conditions:

Power shall be metered and usage above the allocation shall be charged at RM0.68 per kWh (HVAC)

  • Total Startup Payment = Setup Fee + Monthly Fee
  • No Deposit Required
  • Month to Month Contract & cannot terminate within one year.
  • Payment term: Standard Monthly.
  • Pricing include 1st Level Technical Support (reboot & remote assistance)
  • Service cancellation need to be made 30 days in advance
  • You should agree to our terms of service.