Web Design Service

Web design is a process that integrates strategy, technology, and design. Professionalism in combination with smart use of latest web technologies, is critical in making that crucial first impression – “delight” – which will determine if the user will use the site or leave and never return. The emphasis on information architecture and information design ensures logical organization of content and navigational ease-of-use.

Online Shopping Cart System

Online Shopping Cart system is a simple, useful and light e-commerce solution with its obvious advantages.

Concluding this article our team would like to add that all the great things are simple.

more important feature is the system’s analytics and reporting responsibilities:

  • Track visitors – allows you learn who your customers are and where they come from. And also makes it possible to view great statistics.
  • View customer Profiles.
  • Track orders and sales – allows find out what days you get most sales, keep track of your success.
  • Catalogue statistics – allows view statistics on how the content is performing, check out your best sellers and top catalogues.
  • Affiliate Statistics – allows learn who is sending most traffic and react to that.